Sunday, June 15, 2008

i miss this blog

so the whole new website that I was so excited about last week is really bringing me down. I just tried to do something to it and it threw the whole thing outta whack...ha ha and I know it will be awhile before the website person lady can fix it for me so if you happen to see what a mess I made of it...I am sorry. I am so embarrassed of how retarded I am when it comes to something that seems like it should be so easy. :(

Thursday, June 12, 2008

attention all blog stalkers...hee hee

This will officially be the last post on this blog. While it's been fun, I've decided to move up to a new site that is a blog and website all rolled into one. YAY
Although it's far from being officially set up, (I have some changes to make to the layout and need to still get my pages and galleries set up) you can take a peek at my work in progress. The new site is actually the same as my old one(which for the record was DELETED today...not sad at all to see that go..ha ha)
anyways the new site is
I debated on changing the name, but everyone already knows me by sjmacky so I decided to keep it.
I will link this old blog into the new site so everyone can still access their 5 minutes of fame :)

Best Week Ever

So far my first official week off school has been fantabulous....and very busy...I have so much exciting news...first off I am getting a NEW SITE..and I am sooo stinkin' pumped up about it. This will make your day Sheri...It's one of those "blog-sites" so My old site may be down for a couple of days...feel free to spread the word for people to just come here until the new site is up.
the second bit of exciting news is I finally got this:

Man I have been waiting soooooooooo long to get one of these. I kept saying "next week I am getting a 5D...then it was "next month ..." and so on and so forth. I put it off because I was a little worried about money with the new house and all but then last week in a 48 hour time period I booked like 8 weddings then like 3 more since then so... I felt like I could finally make the purchase...I am in LOVE with it! It came yesterday and I used it for a bpic shoot today. I am dying to see how they turned out so I am off to do some editing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

funny story

Ok so I had this consultation set up with Sabrina for a little over a week. I go down to meet them at her office at around 10:00. Beth and Brad are in the military and are planning Sept. '09 wedding. BUT they were actually getting married before they were deployed! The plan was to do the ceremony yesterday and then come back and have another ceremony with family and friends. So I leave the meeting at around 11 and am driving around Forest Park scoping out spots for Sheri's shoot on the 21st and then the phone rings...Here's how the conversation went..
Sabrina: "Sara, it's Sabrina...Beth and Brad want to book you for their wedding"
Sara: "Yay...I'm excited...they are a great couple"
Sabrina: "Yeah they whatcha doin' today at 4:00?"
Sara: "uhhhhh nothin' (but inside I am secretly FREAKING out because as you know Charter was coming out to re-establish my connections with the outside world)
Sabrina: "well do you want to come shoot the ceremony today at Forest Park"
Sara: "I'd love to...let me make some calls"

ok if there was a world record for the number of calls made consectively in the shortest amount of time...I'd hold the record...I was frantically calling around to see how I was going to get my kids and make sure someone was there to let charter in...ha ha of course my friend Maryann bailed me out again and came over to let charter in. They were supposed to be there between 1-3 but of course didn't roll up till kidding...I was freaking out.
But I made it to Forest Park in plenty of time and I have to say Beth and Brad's ceremony was one of the sweetest I have seen. That's what it's all about ya know...nothing fancy...nothing elaborate...just a few family members and two people who hold a tremendous amount of love and respect for each other. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the details that brides put into planning their weddings. Those little details really personalize each ceremony and make for great pictures, but I have seen them also cause a lot of stress for people and in the end, what REALLY matters is that two people who are deeply in love are making a lifetime committment to each other...and that's exactly what yesterday was all about. I felt really honored to be a part of it! Best Wishes Beth and Brad and I can't wait to do it all over again next September!!

This was by far the most "intimate" ceremony I have ever seen. I loved how close everyone was able to get and feel actually involved with the ceremony!

Although Beth's parents weren't able to be there physically, they were able to hear the ceremony and even participate in it with this phone. I thought it was so sweet how this guy held it up to them during the ceremony!

I think these pics do a great job showing just how happy Beth and Brad were right after the ceremony

This is Beth Finally getting to talk to her parents as a "married woman"

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Ava

Some of you who read the blog alot may recognize this picture. It's my friend Christine's daughter, Ava...who happens to be a "miracle" baby by the way. It's way too long a story to explain though. Anyways this is a picture from a shoot we did when she was 7 weeks old!

And this is little Ava almost exactly one year later...Look at that hair!! She is so cute and such a good little girl...doesn't care much to get her picture taken though!

The "out takes"
This is what we got last time we tried to do all three of them. Ava has twin brothers, Luke and Logan...(actually there is a better one but this one pretty summed up how the previous shoot went last year)

ok so this is Ava telling me in approximately 4 seconds she is going to have a meltdown

and she's officially done here

And I think these pics do a pretty good job of explaining why I don't do too many family shoots...hee hee

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A post about nothing

Hey guess what I am doing right now (or I should say WAS doing before I got online)
***************NOTHING************** that's right...NOTHING*********************
And it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. I can't remember the last time I had NOTHING that I HAD to do. It's my first official day of summer break and so far I have eaten 2 large bowls of cereal and slept....ha ha pretty exciting huh? But I needed I break.

ALSO EXCITING news has come my way. I will get to resestablish all my lost connections with the outside world next Tuesday between 1-3.... Yes, believe it or not...Charter is FINALLY offering their service to my part of the street....I can't believe it's been 6 months that I have had no real internet, phone, or cable...

To celebrate...the very next person who books a wedding with me gets the "I am so freakin' happy I am spreading the happiness" special...."what's that you ask???" if you want to know, you gotta email me... sjmacky at yahoo dot com ...
Let's just say there will be something FREE given away...hmmmmm

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My child the track star

One of the cool things about being a teacher and having my child go to the same school is that I get to be at all the stuff she does. Field day is always such a big deal for it's the olympics or something. I don't get it but maybe it's because I am a grown up. Anyways her class came in 1st place...4 points away from a perfect field day score...which is apparently the first time in our school's history...ha ha and yes someone keeps track of I said...I don't get it.

much to my dismay she sat next to her "boyfriend" the whole entire time. I don't condone her having a boyfriend at this age. But these two have been close for a long time...since they were in Kindergarten together. She's sad because he is going to a new school next year...I am not so sad though...she's too young to be thinking about boys..ha ha

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Ok so I just realized that two weekends ago was my official 3 year anniversary of doing weddings. (May 28th to be exact) and I am going to offer an AMAZING deal for any bride booking for Jan, Feb, or Dec 2009. The catch is I am only going to offer it to one person per month so the 1st person that books gets the special deal and it's only good in those three months... ready for this....awww too bad, you gotta email me for it. :) or maybe I'll post it later if I get flooded with emails! Spread the word or contact me at sjmacky at yahoo dot com
****UPDATE*** less than 24 hours later the January special is taken
so that leaves Feb. and Dec.
Spread the word...they are going fast!!

Anne and Robert

Anne and Robert couldn't have asked for a better day. The two were married at Graham Chapel at Wash U. where Robert teaches math. The reception was at the Roberts Orpheum Theater downtown. This was one of the most beautiful weddings ever. You can just see the love Anne and Robert share every time they look at each other. Congratulations guys and thanks for letting Jodi and I share your day with you!
Click here for the highlight slideshow

Thought I'd get a picture of the sun since it hasn't been out much for me this wedding season! ha ha

loved the way these two looked at each other during the ceremony

Helen is quite possibly the cutest, most grown up flowere girl I have ever seen. She is patiently waiting here..

The Roberts Orpheum Theater has neat architecture. Man the place is GINORMOUS

yummmm...they did pedifores instead of a traditional cake

Robert's brother is in a band and during the toast he sang them a couple of songs. One of them was that song Adam Sandler sang in the movie "the wedding singer". I think it's called "Grow old with you". It was so cute.

We snuck up into the seats for a few pics. I like this one because Anne and Robert got to sit back and relax and watch their guests enjoy the reception.